Better Late Than Never

I celebrate us today, the motherless daughters who try . I instictively woke up from a deep sleep the moment it turned Thanksgiving morning and cried.Today is my first holiday without her . I am quietly crying between Christmas commercials and the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade. I cried making stuffing because I never paid attention all those years she cooked and I don’t know if I am doing it right . I don’t know if I am doing any of this right .
All I know is that I miss her so much and so terribly . I will carry on today because she taught me how to do that. She taught me how to fall gracefully and get back up and keep going. Even when it’s too much and I am too tired , even when my heart is broken . I call her to me on this day , as I am sure all of you are calling on yours. Whether it’s your first or your 20th Thanksgiving without your beloved mom . I hope you know as I do, that they are right beside us. Wishing you all gratitude and love on this day.


Published by: ReikibyNancy

Thirtysomething -ish female, Lover of animals big and small Queen of Pinterest craft fails Collector of yummy recipes Hoarder of quotes and inspiration Spiritual activist Reiki practitioner and awakened individual Finally gave in to the voice in my head begging me to write.

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